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academic affiliations
❧ adjunct professor of philosophy at Lakeland University, Japan Campus, Tokyo, Japan.
❧ researcher at philosophy department of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nihon University, Tokyo.

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research interests
Near the end of the prologue of Plato’s Republic, Socrates says to his opponent Thrasymachus that what they are discussing is "no ordinary/insignificant matter, but how we ought to live" (1.352d). For Plato, that was no insignificant matter indeed, but the most fundamental concern that motivated his philosophical investigations. It also motivates mine, but I'm equally motivated by what I take to be the core concern of Buddhist philosophy: how to reduce suffering.
My philosophical interests are divided over two broad areas. One is in the overlap of ethics and social/political philosophy; the other is in the intersection of philosophy of language, metaphysics, and epistemology. Most — but not all — of my work is closely affiliated with the analytic tradition both in style and content, and much of it is heavily influenced by the philosophies of Donald Davidson and W.V.O. Quine, but I am also interested in (parts of) Indian, Chinese, and continental philosophy.

themes and keywords
ethics and social philosophy: consequentialism, empathy/compassion, meta-ethics, suffering, death and violence, private property, moral psychology, social justice, Buddhist ethics.
the philosophies of Donald Davidson and W.V.O. Quine: triangulation, "massive error", intersubjectivity, coherentism, positing, anti-representationalism, anti-foundationalism, and so forth.
metaphysics: meta-ontology and quantification, (anti-) essentialism, (anti-) realism, (anti-) relativism, intermediates between realism and relativism (such as perspectival realism and relative essentialism).
the philosophy of language: meaning and concepts, concept formation, concepts in/and thought, triangulation.
comparative philosophy: epistemology, philosophy of language, (meta-) metaphysics, and metaphilosophy in Indian and Chinese (Buddhist and other) philosophy.

(For more information about what interests me in philosophy (and why), and about my views on philosophy in general, see my paper 'Anarchism as metaphilosophy'.)

past research interests and projects
history, philosophy, and methodology of social science:
❧ the role of language in/on theory formation and interpretation in the social sciences;
❧ dialectics of "culture" and "economy" in the history of social thought;
❧ measurement in social science; particularly the measurement of (aspects of) culture;
❧ ontology/classification of events in demographies of institutional entities.
economic geography and economic sociology:
❧ interactions between aspects of culture and economy (i.e. cultural influences on economic growth and vice versa).