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Technological Immortality

Seven years ago I published a paper arguing against afterlife beliefs and various other kinds of โ€œdeath denialโ€ titled โ€œThe Incoherence of Denying My Deathโ€. The denial of death in this sense is not a denial of physical or biological death so much as it is a denial of annihilation. In that paper I distinguished two ways of denying death, which are distinguished essentially by which word in the short proposition โ€œI dieโ€ they deny. Strategy 1 denies the dying part โ€“ that is, it argues that I somehow (can) survive my physical/โ€‹biological/โ€‹bodily death. Strategy 2 denies the โ€œIโ€ in...
Social Issues

Death, Masculinity, and Hegemony

โ€œAt the center of the symbolic order is the abhorrence of death,โ€ writes Odile Strik in the conclusion of her short essay The Symbolic Order of Life and Manhood. The โ€œsymbolic orderโ€ of the title connects death and masculinity, and (supposedly) structures the way most people understand reality. The essay is terse and almost poetic, and only presents a rough sketch of this symbolic order, but it deals with a number of important themes โ€“ such as masculinity, life and death, and cultural hegemony โ€“ and it deserves credit for bringing those themes together. This article is a (long) commentary...