Blog Updates and News

January 7

At the end of 2023, my website (including my blog) has moved from a Dutch to a Japanese web hosting service. This has been a rather complicated process, and unfortunately, I could not move my blog as it was. Because of that, I will gradually repost a selection of old posts, prioritizing posts that were visited relatively much (and posts that are easy to repost because they have no images or problematic formatting that needs to be adjusted). A list of all old pages is available here.

January 16

Of the 92 posts at my “old” blog (i.e., prior to the move), 46 have been reposted, and another 41 are currently in “draft” format. Those latter 41 are either waiting for their images to be re-uploaded, or for review, or – in many cases – both. I want to review almost all of my old climate-change related posts (and add comments where necessary) before reposting them, as I think there might be serious oversights or errors in at least some of those. 46+41=87, so that leaves 5. Of those remaining five posts at my “old” blog, two were announcements (like this post) that are now quite irrelevant (and this post will eventually become irrelevant as well); two were about the Covid pandemic and aren’t all that relevant or interesting anymore, so I probably won’t repost those either, and the fifth was about meditation. That fifth post was already made unavailable at my “old” blog as it was simultaneously bad and too personal. I won’t repost it (for the same reason), but bits and pieces are likely to appear in a new post at some point.

There are obviously some cosmetic changes between the “old” and new blogs. Different header image, different color scheme, and so forth. The fish fossil is gone, and the current header image is an edited photo of the mountain range that I’m looking out at from home. I could come up with some story explaining its symbolic relevance (something about inertia), but I won’t bother. Another change is that page views are now visible at the bottom (above notes) of posts. There’s no publicly available ranking, but the post with – by far – the most views is Carbon-neutrality by 2050. This post has been on the top of the monthly rankings ever since it was published, until about a year ago, when it started to get competition from On Secular and Radical Buddhism. The third most popular post in the past year has been Nan-in and the Professor, but it is still far behind. The same three posts take up the first three positions in the same order on the page view ranking of the past week (i.e., the first week that they are online again). The overall page-view ranking is dominated by climate-change related posts. My most “popular” philosophy post is only ranked 7th.