List of posts, 2015–2023

This is a complete list of all blog posts on 𝐹=𝑚𝑎 before the hosting service move at the end of 2023. See this page for updates and further details.

# title series categories posted reposted notes
1 Anarchism as Metaphilosophy philosophy 2015/2/6 2024/1/8
2 Greece, Europe, and the Hegemony of Psychopathy economics 2015/6/30 2024/1/8
3 Book Review of Jay Garfield’s Engaging Buddhism — Extended Version Buddhism 2015/9/12 2024/1/12
4 The Nature of Philosophy and its Relation with Empirical Science philosophy 2016/1/29 2024/1/8
5 On gender chauvinism social issues 2016/3/19 2024/1/10
6 A Note on the Psychology of Radicalization and Terrorism social issues 2016/9/9
7 No, you’re not entitled to your opinion social issues 2016/11/15 2024/1/7
8 What’s there to be proud of? social issues 2017/7/7 2024/1/17
9 Fascism, Anti-fascism, and Violence social issues 2017/8/21 2024/1/8
10 On Free Trade Ideology economics 2017/9/1 2024/1/17
11 The Hegemony of Psychopathy (Excerpt) social issues 2017/9/17 2024/1/13
12 Economics and Psychopathy economics 2017/9/19 2024/1/17
13 The (Self-) Corruption of Critique social issues, philosophy 2017/9/21 2024/1/17
14 On “Populism” social issues 2018/5/21 2024/1/17
15 Crisis and Inertia (1) C&I social issues, climate changes 2018/7/10
16 Armageddon and Utopia climate change 2018/7/15
17 Crisis and Inertia (2) – Climate Change C&I climate change 2018/7/21
18 Skepticism, Pragmatism, and Zebras philosophy 2018/8/3 2024/1/8
19 Crisis and Inertia (3) – Technological Threats and Crises C&I social issues 2018/8/14
20 Economics as Malignant Make Believe economics 2018/8/19
21 Crisis and Inertia (4) – Economic, Political, and Cultural Crises C&I social issues 2018/9/5
22 A Toy Model of Production Costs and Supply economics 2018/9/16 2024/1/13
23 You Are a Zombie social issues 2018/9/22 2024/1/8
24 Crisis and Inertia (5) – Derailing a Speeding Train C&I social issues 2018/10/1
25 Fictionalism – or: Vaihinger, Scheffler, and Kübler-Ross at the End of the World climate change 2018/10/22 2024/1/13
26 Death, Masculinity, and Hegemony social issues 2018/11/19 2024/1/8
27 Rent, Debt, and Power economics 2018/11/26 2024/1/17
28 Stages of the Anthropocene climate change 2018/12/8
29 Dao and Second-Order Consequentialism philosophy 2019/1/1 2024/1/12
30 No Time for Utopia NtfU philosophy 2019/2/19 2024/1/27
31 On the Fragility of Civilization NtfU climate change 2019/3/19
32 The Stories We Believe in social issues 2019/4/2 2024/1/17
33 The Lesser Dystopia NtfU climate change, economics 2019/4/19 2024/2/22
34 Enemies of Our Children NtfU climate change, social issues 2019/5/29
35 Michael Mann versus the “Doomists” climate change 2019/6/8
36 The Ethics of Climate Insurgency NtfU climate change, philosophy 2019/7/1
37 Some Remarks on Truth and Justification philosophy 2019/7/20 2024/1/12
38 The Possibility of a Revolution NtfU climate change 2019/8/11
39 On Secular and Radical Buddhism Buddhism 2019/9/15 2024/1/8
40 A Theory of Disaster-Driven Societal Collapse and How to Prevent It climate change 2019/9/26 2024/1/12
41 The 2020s and Beyond NtfU climate change 2019/10/9
42 Facing the Anthropocene – Attitudes towards Climate Change climate change 2019/11/6
43 Human Extinction philosophy, climate change 2019/11/12 2024/1/10
44 What to Do? NtfU climate change 2020/1/6
45 A Very Black Swan social issues 2020/2/23 1
46 Lockdowns, Immunity, and Other Viral Puzzles social issues 2020/4/6 2
47 Lessons from the Ongoing Disaster (for the Next One) climate change 2020/4/7 2024/1/10
48 Uchiyama, Marx, and Gramsci on Ideological Superstitions philosophy 2020/6/2 2024/1/10 3
49 1.5°C, N₂O, Supersonic Nukes, and Other Updates climate change, social issues 2020/7/10 4
50 An Upper Limit of 3.9°C for Climate Change? climate change 2020/7/23
51 On the Idea of an Unconditional (Moral) Rule philosophy 2020/9/3 2024/1/8
52 A Right to Hate? philosophy, social issues 2020/10/10 2024/1/10
53 Carbon-neutrality by 2050 — (2020 original; 2022 update) climate change 2020/12/155 2024/1/10
54 Some Thoughts on Lockdown Protests social issues 2021/2/2 6
55 Predictions climate change, social issues 2021/2/21
56 Dissonant Reality philosophy 2021/3/14 2024/1/10
57 Technological Immortality philosophy 2021/4/15 2024/1/10
58 (Not) Too Late for What? climate change 2021/4/26 2024/1/10
59 Stages of the Anthropocene, Revisited SotA-R climate change 2021/6/2 7
60 SotA-R-2: Drought and Its Effects in the 2030s and 40s SotA-R climate change 2021/6/5
61 SotA-R-3: Heat and Cyclones SotA-R climate change 2021/6/14
62 The New Denialism climate change 2021/6/25 2024/1/10
63 SotA-R-4: Preliminary Notes on Modeling Carbon Emission Scenarios in Stage 1 of the Anthropocene SotA-R climate change 2021/7/5
64 SotA-R-5: Modeling Carbon Emissions in Stage 1 of the Anthropocene – a First Attempt SotA-R climate change 2021/9/11
65 Is “Philosophy” Racist? philosophy 2021/9/27 2024/1/10
66 SotA-R-6: Modeling Carbon Emissions – New Results, and Thoughts on Further Models SotA-R climate change 2021/10/1
67 SotA-R-7: Current Models Predict 4°C of Global Warming SotA-R climate change 2021/10/5
68 On Selfish and Selfless Readings of Buddhist Scripture Buddhism 2021/10/16
69 Meditation, Saṃvega, and Aphantasia — A Sketchy Overview with Some Personal Reflections Buddhism 2021/10/25 8
70 “Do Your Own Research” social issues 2022/1/22 2024/1/10
71 Mythos, Wisdom, and Scavenger Philosophy philosophy 2022/2/12 2024/1/10
72 Nan-in and the Professor — A Western Zen Parable Buddhism 2022/2/13 2024/1/8
73 Social Feedbacks and Global Warming — Some Comments on Moore et al. (2022) climate change 2022/2/18 9
74 CO₂ Emissions and Global Warming — Have All My Calculations Been Wrong? climate change 2022/3/2 10
75 A Buddha Land in This World (New Book) philosophy, Buddhism 2022/4/15 2024/1/10
76 Problems and Errors in A Buddha Land in This World philosophy, Buddhism 2022/4/18 11
77 A Note on the Pāli Canon Buddhism 2022/4/27 2024/1/13
78 SotA-R-8: Climate/Society Feedback Model 4 Predicts 3.7°C of Average Global Warming SotA-R climate change 2022/5/21
79 On Hedgehogs, Koalas, and Other Animals philosophy 2022/6/18 2024/1/9
80 SotA-R-9: Some Comments on Model 4 (and Another Error) SotA-R climate change 2022/7/30 12
81 Making Sense of “the Meaning of Life” philosophy 2022/9/6 2024/1/9
82 Tipping Points, Permafrost Thaw, and “Fast” Reduction climate change 2022/9/11 2024/1/9
83 The Probability of the End of Civilization in the 21st Century climate change 2022/9/19 2024/1/8
84 SotA-R-10: Combined Models 4 and 5 Suggest 62% Change of Exceeding 3°C of Average Global Warming SotA-R climate change 2022/10/10 2024/1/9
85 On Human Overpopulation climate change, social issues 2022/11/7 2024/1/8
86 Some Remarks on the Notion of “Cartesian Dualism” in Continental Philosophy philosophy 2023/3/18 2024/1/8
87 Capitalism and Climate Collapse climate change, economics 2023/4/26 2024/1/8
88 Rent, Profit, and Degrowth – A Postscript to “Capitalism and Climate Collapse” climate change, economics 2023/6/2 2024/1/8
89 Is Secular Buddhism Possible? Buddhism 2023/6/28 2024/1/8
90 What is Real? (new paper) philosophy 2023/8/2 2024/1/8
91 Pop-Stoicism as Ideology philosophy 2023/9/6 2024/1/8
92 Changing Servers and Some Other Updates 2023/12/8 13


  1. The topic of this post was the Covid pandemic. I don’t think it has much (if any) relevance anymore, so I will probably not repost it.
  2. This was an early attempt at some epidemiological/demographic modelling of the Covid epidemic. I don’t think this post has any relevance anymore, so I might not repost it.
  3. Because I was busy writing my book, A Buddha Land in This World, I didn’t post much around this time. This post was basically just one small part of the manuscript of chapter 4 of that book, but the two versions diverged a little bit.
  4. This is just a mix of some short comments on recent papers combined with an explanation for the lack of real blog posts in the period before and after this post. The reason for that was that I was writing my book A Buddha Land in This World. Because of this, there is little reason to repost this.
  5. Some corrections were made in March 2022, and a completely revised version was posted in June 2022. These two versions are now published separately.
  6. As this post was concerned with specific Covid-related issues, I think it is no longer relevant. For that reason, I see little value in reposting it.
  7. See my note at episode 9 in this series below.
  8. This post was quite bad because it tried to do to many different things in a single article. It was also too personal. For that reason, I already made it unavailable long before changing servers. It won’t be reposted either. Bits and pieces of it may (eventually) be reworked into a new post, however.
  9. I’m not sure whether I will repost this in its original form. I’ll need to critically review this post first.
  10. I might not repost this. Instead, I might just make the necessary changes and corrections elsewere. This also depends on what I do with the SotA-R series. See my note at SotA-R 9 below.
  11. This will probably be reposted eventually in some form, but not exactly in its original form.
  12. I haven’t decided yet whether I will repost the SotA-R series in its original form or (instead) just make one big post summarizing and reviewing the whole project. For now, I have just reposted the last episode in the series.
  13. This was merely an announcement of the impending server move (from a Dutch to a Japanese provider) as well as a brief explanation for the recent lack of activity on this blog. (i.e., “personal reasons”). Hence, there is no need or reason to repost this.